Ocotillo Water Tower

Ocotillo Water Tower
Photo by Elise Hird

Friday, February 8, 2008

Saving the Tower takes work and money

Okay, this is a quick post because it's late, but here's the scoop. Some of us who lived in Chandler (or near it anyway) heard that the water tower was going to be torn down. This made us sad. We felt that the Arizona Republic article misrepresented several sides to the story. Certainly this wouldn't have happened if the author had access to all information. For purposes of full disclosure, the author of this blog is related to the Bogle family who own the water tower, however has no financial or other say in the matter.
The Bogle family has offered the tower to the City of Chandler. They suggested that they would love to have the small plot of land that it sits on if the family would tear down the tower first. Due to the LARGE amount of complaints that the family was receiving and the cost of restoration of the tower, the family had agreed to tear it down.
With the onset of soccer season, the demolition has been postponed. Some of us who remember the agricultural roots of Chandler, would like to try to use this time to raise money to fund the restoration of the tower and save a little piece of history. We figure if only 5% of the residents of Chandler would be willing to donate $10, we might be able to get others (wink, wink) to make larger donations in order to fulfill this mission. We look forward to your help and a long-standing water tower.
Just for information, I am an elementary school teacher, currently residing in Phoenix and working on this project in my "spare" time. If I seem to get lax or fall behind, I apologize. It's not a lack of caring, just time. For more coherent, not typed at 1am information, see the previous posts originally posted at jaustme.blogspot. Thanks

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Emily said...

We love old water towers! Besides, destroying the old segregated school was enough destruction in south Chandler, don't you think?